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I have alot of self-esteem, which is amazing. Cause I am probably somebody who wouldn't necessarily have alot of self-esteem... As I am considered a Minority.

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If you are a woman, a person of color, gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans-gender, a person of size, a person of intelligence, a person of integrity... Then you are considered a Minority in this world.

Sunday Brunch

So after last night’s dinner party we just decided to continue it at home (Our home – Gaysha house, GaySha, GayDinSha, GaySilangLahat, GayAko, GayTayongLahat – Kita nyo si Mamasang Gaysha?), everybody is just too tired/lazy to go out tatanda nyo na kasi eh!
OMG, there’s alot of moments of truth ano ba yon, parang si Boy Abunda kung makapag tanong. Butsi Gang left Gaysha house around 4 AM already. Well, me and my lovely homewhacker love having people over kahit hindi sila marunong gumamit ng coaster ha ha ha (Biro lang!)

Butsi Gang Ghettogether

My phone was off the hook as in, feeling importante ako… Kagabi lang yon, panis na ako ngayon lol.

Chorvaness didn’t make it, but was able to talk to all the people last night. – non blogger member of Butsi Gang.

Recent messages from

Malen: Uy hafi vday…hehe.nagenjoy kmi s party,uwian na!thnx.wih you all the best – an sweet naman salamat!

Agnes: Huffyverdee Diwa! I wish u mor bdays 2 come…. Mor blessings n happiness! Mwah –
Wishhhh ko lang…

Nice Day!

Hayyy it’s a really nice day today. It’s still freezing outside but sunny, and besides that – today is my birthday!

Oh well, since I am off from work I decided to cook brunch for me and my employer chuva a not so fancy brunch. I am so sick and tired of eating oatmeal during weekdays uhg… I know it’s good for the heart!, But sometimes you need a 911 food… You know heart attack specials lols…I cooked tuyo, pusit, fried egg and garlic fried rice and of course to compliment these foods, there is phress kamatis and itlog na pula.

The Gucci Gang and DJ Montano Scandal. ( Who really is Tina Tinio?)

I have survived holy week, so am back on my feet and my regular regimen…

HAHAHAH *rolls on the floor* I just can’t stop laughin’ really. This is the reason why I love reading Brian Gorrell’s blog, it’s very addicting and controversial.

But there are times that I wonder (what if the stuff that he wrote is just a figment of his imagination?) I don’t him or the said Gucci Gang personally… But what if this is his kind of revenge for DJ Montano? You know like a lover scorned…

And another thing… If DJ Montano owes him money why the hell is he blogging about his friends too? Not just that, even Celine Lopez’s mom and dad are also a target in his blog>_(O*^^#@$_+ It’s not about DJ’s friends… They did not owe Brian anything… It is DJ who owes him… Well I am glad I wasn’t associated with DJ Montano/Manila’s Elitist or else my ass will be dragged too in his blog lol… *sigh… What a relief* Well I am not a for real elite. I am a pretentious social climber. Like HRH Reyna Elena herself. (It’s all your fault HRH!)

You want to know my opinion? WELL I DON’T HAVE ANY! Just playing! Heheh…

In my opinion, granted – DJ Montano did something very horrible to Brian, I don’t think he supposed to drag other people on their mess? Right, I mean, yeah Celine Lopez and DJ were BFF but then whatever DJ does Celine is totally not in control of it… It’s not about consenting other people to do something bad… BUT, it’s their life and you just can’t control someone’s life… You know what am sayin’ here?

Field Trip? Part IV

We have survived Bisita Iglesia! :::Wheee::: So Chinatown it is! Just so you know, this is not the feast from yesterday Easter Sunday… This is the meal that we had last good Friday… It’s all seafood no meat at all, well they said they cannot eat meat because it’s kind of like a sacrifice, you tell me… Is this what they call sacrifice? With this feast? It’s like a party no… It’s like they are scheduled to be headed the next day…
Si manager aka Bella Flores/Celia Rodriguez/Mia Farrow/Farrah Fawcett/Lucita Soriano ang in charge sa pag-order… Actually I did not have the chance to take photos of like 2 more dishes ahihihihih, tom jones na at baka masaksak lang ako ng bread knife kung nag pix pa ako?

Famous Salt Baked Squid
No they are not Laborers by profession… LOLS!

Tofu with mushrooms
Wala ngang karne katakot-takot naman ang pagkain, ano ba? Kala ko ba mangilin? This is what you call SEE-FOOD DIET!

Fried Fish (I forgot the name of the fish). Sorry…
SEEFOOD Pan Fried Noodle
The famous Salt Baked ShrimpGrabe aatakihin ata ako sa mga kinain namin! Sobra sa msg! Heheheeh… Now I have to spent my whole Saturday at the gym. Even I run if off, I don’t think I’ll be burning these calories from these seefood.
Nahiya naman ang Butsi Gang, ah mantakin nyo naman kulang na lang pati yong server kainin din nila sa gutom nila!
Dessert anyone? So we went to some bakery to have some coffee and pastries. May paglalagyan pa ba kayo? Ano ba? May mga eating disorders ba tayo? Pero in-Fairview kahit na ganyan kadami ang kinain namin, diet coke naman po ang aming ininom lol…

Just a friendly diwata reminder to the Butsi Gang, hindi na kayo mga teenagers para ma burn agad lahat yang nilafang nyo!
Field Trip I
Field Trip II
Field Trip III

Field Trip? Part III

This is still in St. Rita of Casela Shrine, our last stop – Imelda Marcos is tat chu?
Interesting they have basketful of prayer requests. Ekkkk I saw one of my devoted Catholic friend wrote Dear Ate Charo?(&*&%#$@%$%**(_{ What kind of anomaly is this???By this time they are really hungry… It’s already 4PM and we haven’t eaten lunch yet… So off to Chinatown in Mai Lai Wai since everybody is craving for rice lol.

This is the Walang Himala Shot…
We have survived Bisita Iglesia, ng walang nag Emily Rose o diba? Kaya naman ganito na lang ang tuya ng Butsi Gang. Sa wakas pwede nang kumain.

Field Trip? Part II

Our third church was St. Agnes.
We did the station of the cross outside, cause there are people now inside preparing for the seven last words (OMG! There’s alot of bloopers in this said group). Anomaly-Anomaly, I dunno if this is really a religious thing, or they are here for some reasons… Tila yata may nagaganap na Exorcism dito, walang ginawa kung hindi maghagikgikan!!! kala mo kinikiliti ang mga hitad na ito.
Is this really Bisita Iglesia or some field trip? Ano ba pictorial ba ine?

Below is The Apostle Saint Jude Thaddeus church. It is known as “The Miraculous Saint,” the Catholic Patron Saint of “lost causes” and “cases despaired of.”When all other avenues are closed, he is the one to call upon, and his help often comes at the last moment.
Saint Jude is one whose aid is sought when all hope is lost, especially in grave health matters and life-and-death situations. It is customary to make a vow that if he helps when called upon, one will publish a notice of thanks in the newspaper. Thus there often appear in the Personals column of newspaper classified ads ex-votos to this effect. The typical wording is a terse, “Thank you, St. Jude.” or “St. Jude, I thank you for your intercession in response to my prayers.” Each one of those notices represents a prayer that was answered by Saint Jude. This magnifies the saint’s name and gives hope to those who read the notice and realize that they too may find, through Saint Jude, the help they sorely need. O diva? Kaya mag St. Jude kana!

Nasusunog na ba kayo? Smoke break outside St. Augustine church.
This is St. Augustine church in downtown…

Last stop is St. Rita of Casela Shrine, still in downtown… Naku, hindi nyo sinabing pupunta pala tayo dito, hindi ko pa man din suot yong aking bullet proof vest! HALA…

This may be the last, but there is more reveleation… EXPLOSIBO!

Field Trip? Part I

What a trip! Today we did visit at least 7 churches (Bisita Iglesia), I know it was supposed to be 12 right? Well, maybe they are too americanized that is why?%#@!)*, Hmm 12 is just too much, well the churches here are not sitting next to each other they are freaking 10,000 miles from one another, it’s not like in the Philippines everything is nearby even the wall of your freaking neighbor is just right next to your face lol.

Well it’s a bit late when we started it… Everybody’s just had it’s own drama (“They” Butsi Gang not related to Manila’s Gucci Gang – were drunk from last night and they didn’t even bother to invite me how double dare them!!! I just knew it, early today – When, I could still smell the alcohol in them… UHG) I really thought we are meeting around 9-10ish here at our house. So we are late we left around 12ish already.

You could not believe it, it’s like we are going to a “picnic” they have this-that-blah-blah-blah, they could have just brought a cooler full of ice cold beers or rather their houses… So much for the chika.He was telling me that the last time he remembered he was in church was 20 long years ago…
This is not a photo of the next America’s Top Model! This is the Butsi Gang aka Notorious MSG,
I was with the Butsi Gang (Incomplete, not everybody make it) to document the said Bisita Iglesia. Above is the first stop St. Andrew the apostle church.

Ang tarbahu ko eh kunan sila sa bawat simbahang pupuntahan anobeh!
This is Our Lady of Mt. Carmel – Obviously?
Mt. Carmel was closed and will re-open by 3PM for the seven last words, so what they did was just do the station of the cross outside… Mga vanidosaaaaa!!!

Latest From Brian Gorrell

One Line, Two Lines, Three Lines, Four Lines. – The latest from Brian Gorrell’s blog. You know Brian (The blog owner) Vs. DJ (Delfin Justiniano Ocampo Montano II), Celine Lopez, Tim Yap, Wendy Puyat, Tina Tinio and the rest of the Gucci Gang… Oh my god! There’s just alot of controversies on his entries! That is why I always visit his blog for that juicy chika!

This said gang “Gucci Gang” also known as Manila’s Elitist are a bunch of thieves and freeloaders – Well, I don’t know. I don’t know them personally, am just here for the chika! Well, it is really up to you guys my only advice is to visit Brian’s blog and you’ll be the judge…

I don’t like gossips. But I don’t consider this a gossip, this is like those reality shows that we use to see in the television lol – WAY MUCH BETTER!!!

Scandal Ever!

So on the 29 I am celebrating my 24th birthday. It’s not a big party, well I just invited the A-listers the elitist in the TRI-State area – about 150 guest… – social climbing ever of course what is the use of being one of the “butsi gang” right?

There is a celebration too in Paris, Milan, New York, Timbuktu, Tibet and Manila on the 29th! This is the party of the century, I tell you! For now, mangingilin muna ako… Mahal na araw eh… Sa isang linggo atak! Butsi Gang All the way!!!

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