More About Me...

I have alot of self-esteem, which is amazing. Cause I am probably somebody who wouldn't necessarily have alot of self-esteem... As I am considered a Minority.

Another Tit-Bit...

If you are a woman, a person of color, gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans-gender, a person of size, a person of intelligence, a person of integrity... Then you are considered a Minority in this world.


Pootah nawala lang ako ng ilang araw ang mga searches sa site ko nakakabaliw!

Merong taga Poland na nag search ng NAKET FILIPIN GEL — ampootah kung paano sya magsalita malamang ganun din sya mag spell hahahaha!!! Merong naghahanap ng PINAY BOOBS anobah??? (If I can recall, never naman ako nagpakita pa ng dyojing ko ditech diva?) May naghahanap din ng TIBO NA INLOVE? ano daw??? Pero pinakamadami ang naghahanap ng SCANDAL or PINAY SCANDAL — now, ganun ba ako ka-scandelicious para sa akin mapunta ang mga linchak na mga searches na iyan???

Pero ang mas nakakalowkang balita eh nalowka ako sa dinnerech ko kagabi! Hindi ako masyadong pala-kain ng isda kasi pagkaing pang-mahirap yon noh bwahahaha lol chika lang. Mahilig ako sa KARNE por kilo lol pero pwede ding i-substitute ng TAHONG hahahah! (Pritong isda ni wala man lang asin o paminta na timpla? Ni walang sawsawang suka. Kasi di nakabili ng organic na suka, take note ORGANIC na suka lol. Sauteed kale on garlic and lots of onions? At Daikon – ANO DAW? Leche labanos lang sya pinasosyal lang ang pangalan! As is ang mga pagkain.


Game of LOVE!

The other day I was listening to my CD [Uhg, very pretentious of me! Who listen to CD these days? Hehehe!!!] selection of Vanessa Carlton (Remember her? The girl singing at the back of the truck and paying piano?) *Sings~~~ Making my way downtown, Walking fast, Faces pass, And I’m home bound… And I need you! And I miss you! And now I wonder…. ~~~La-la-la-la… Get it now? And so just after that, the song Game of LOVE was playing by Michelle Branch and I got a little inspired by it… So

Here is my version of it…

My very own Game of LOVE!

It just takes a little bit of this, a little bit of that. It started with a kiss now we’re up to bat. A little bit of laughs, a little bit of pain. I’m tellin’ you my babe, its all in the game of love


Want to see more? Aminin!!! But, hey – I am warning you!



Tell it to my heart [G-Spot! What does G stands for? Gotcha!] Part 2



Here is the lettah from Glenda. She wants to know, where her G-Spot is located… [When was the last time you saw it Gherl?]

As y’all know me, I’ve always been never to censor meself to anything, and for that here’s what I and my guess speaker Hairy G-spotter has to say to Glenda.

Glenda right? [Pucha, Glenda ang hirap ng tanong mo. Punta ka kaya dito para ma-illustrate ko sayo ng harap-harapan! Kung saan located ang G-SPOT mo! Hmft!] HAHAHA…

Glenda CLICK-CLICK-CLICK- Here’s where your G-Spot is! *Tantatinin* Surprise

Tell it to my heart [G-Spot! What does G stands for? Gotcha!] Part 1


Okay, I/WE is back again! For another heart-to-heart talk (That is WE – diwata and heart – tell it to my heart – wag na mag deny aminin!)

Heart: HOY, barooka gising ka na ba? We gots an email no *Tama na ang himas ng dibdib* May costumer tayo!

Diwata: *Checks email*

LookieLookie for that lucky home partner,

Put your lighters up…

Saudi Arabia!!!

You see these days I have been gettin’ quite alot of traffic from this said Middle East country… Their searches happen to go to my site, which is a little bit weird? My site is “Rated H, as in HOLEsome” no…

Do want to know what “these people” are searching?



Protected: Season Finale? (Pinay BIG Sister)

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

Does “SEX” really sell?

Well that’s what Bradshaw [Sarah Jessica Parker] and her gal pals [Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha] prove over the weekend that sex sells after the movie ‘Sex In The City’ strutted to a $55.7 million opening weekend.

Love me or Hate me!

I am what I am… It’s either you love me or hate me… (Hindi ko na sasama yong option na elya-elyatis, for sure wa naman elya sa akin bukod kay Demi bwahahah.) Speaking of Demi, si Demi – si Demi na lang lagi! I got an email from anotah blahga, here it is… Click-Click-Click!

Indecent Proposal


The other day, at my surprise I got a $40 on my palpal account from “someone”. – I am sorry, I can’t disclose this person’s identity since she has a “reputation”. (Haaahhaa)

A day at Punta Fuego…

Well, Demi… I hope all is well with you there at Punta Fuego (Fire Island). Oh I have heard ha Punta Fuego “daw” is the vacation haven of the country’s most prominent families. Totoo kaya? Saan ka pala mag stay jan? Sa bahay ba ng friend mong si Chut Cuerva? Ewww… I hope not in some cheepiee cheepieee condo no (Amara En Terrazas)! I heard narinig ko sabi-sabi that “the Cuerva beach house “sucks daw” compared to the Villaraza beach house in nearby Tali”, anong say mo Demi totoo ba? Ibulong mo na lang sa akin k.

Ad Spot Ad Spot Ad Spot
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faQ:80% of all pictures on the internet are of naked women.

Want to share something with me and the rest of the world? Tell it to my heart!(Your secret is my secret) CLICK-CLICK-CLICK tellittomyheart-copy.jpg


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