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I have alot of self-esteem, which is amazing. Cause I am probably somebody who wouldn't necessarily have alot of self-esteem... As I am considered a Minority.

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If you are a woman, a person of color, gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans-gender, a person of size, a person of intelligence, a person of integrity... Then you are considered a Minority in this world.

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Bakit pa diba?

Kuwistiyon: To blog or not to blog anymore…


In the next few weeks I will be renewing my hosting and 3 domain names (, and which will cost me an arm and a leg, since I don’t have a steady income, nasibak na ako sa work anoh! I am thinking, of just shutting down my 3 blogs… *Esep-esep*

Masakit man – pero ganun talaga ata yon. Buti sana kung may pepe and pilars sa pasay na maasan – e NADA noh!

Mag fa-face-book na lang ako, libre pa. Hehehehe. Ekkkk NOT!!! [Don’t be surprise one day isang araw, kung hindi na kayo maka access sa blogs ko 😉

Henry David Ball 2009 Photos


For years it has been the tradition of the ‘Butse Gang’ to celebrate Halloween in Sheraton hotel in Center city, which Henry David Ball is held every year. (Sorry for the late update! I am in distress these past few days…)

The infamous lounge at Sheraton



Ball bustin’ action with BrokenPieces…


Punyeta ka, kung sino ka man! Hahahaha.


I didn’t know the girl can write… [Jake ikaw ba yan?] bwahahahahahahahah!!!

Ika’y bay nalolombay? Nalolongkot? Nauurat? O may galit ka ba sa mundo just like her? If you was…, Then makakaralate ka sa babaitang ito!!! Magsama-sama kayong lahat sa impyerno!


Bayanihan Fund Drive: Donate to Ondoy Flood Victims

“Ondoy brought a month’s worth of rain to Metro Manila in one day,” no wonder hanggang leeg ‘daw’ ang baha doon sa aming baranGHEY! *Leeg nino, ni Mahal at Mura?* My kuya called Saturday morning saying that there is a baha and he cannot save the piano anymore since hes just by himself and 1 helper.

I did not imagine that it’s that worst, not until last night while partying with the ‘butse gang’ I got a call from my kuya’s ‘friend daw’ na ultimo ‘laugh tough daw’ eh hindi na save! HAHAHA – laugh tough na lang hindi pa na save? Well he was still asleep sumakabilang bahay? I dunno… When it started to rain non-stop. His car was damaged with all that flood water, yong interior ha and it happens that his notebook was in his car ugh!!! — Nakalimutan ilikas? Ewan ko ba!!!

I am still thankful that nothing bad happened to my family in the PI! *sighs*

Here is the map that shows where most urgent cases need rescue. if you are near the said areas please try to help or if you know anyone who needs help please do call or inform the mergency hotlines:

National Disaster Coordinating Committee
911-1406 / 911-1873 / 911-1906 / 911-5061 / 912-0984 / 912-2665 / 912-3046 / 912-5296 / 912-5668

Help hotlines: 734-2118 / 734-2120

Bureau of Fire Protection, National Capital Region
729-5166 / 410-6254 / 413-8859 / 407-1230

Bureau of Fire Protection, Region III (Central Luzon)
Hotline (045) 9634376

Philippine Coast Guard

Red Cross
143 / 911-1876 / 527-0000

Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA)
136 / 896-6000

Taguig emergency hotline

16220 / 0917-5592824 / 0920-9292824

Sen. Manuel Villar Jr. emergency hotlines
for dumptrucks going to flooded areas for rescue of stranded people:
0917 4226800 / 0917 2414864 / 0927 6751981

Sen. Dick Gordon (Philippine National Red Cross)
Please send address of stranded friends/family to
09178997898 / 0938444BOYSHOW CAN YOU HELP 

You can send in your donations in cash or in kind at the following links:


What women want…

Sorry if I have not been updating my 2 otha blogs. Busy kasi? Pero if you guys ask how I am – Eh eto sobrang ganda pa din… Syet, you know that feeling? Ugh, doncha’ just hate it? Hahaha… Ever busy ang lola from working, studies (Eternal student kasi ako? hahaha nakngput**** walang kakupas-kupas.) and side trips sa gym *Kuyukot watching that is.* hahah talagang kinareer na noh. Eh bakit ba? Single naman ako! Eh ano pa bang gagawin ko diba? Kundi magpaganda! (But always remember, walang silbi ang ganda, kung walang nagmamahal sayo – ARAY KO SYET!)

Oh well papel, yours trulili has been really observant here. Eh paano ba naman, ano bang meron si Chelo M and Vincent N na wala sa ibang tao? (Both their real names. Teheheheh!) They has been really successfool with their dating life and relationships. They seem to get what they want, when they want it. (Eh kung titignan mo naman si Chelo pucha mukang daga/patay na kuko! Then Vincent on the otha hand is like Vincent Dafalong, parang nasagasaan ang ilong ng pison and mind you ang mga kamot sa kili-kili at braso ekkkk!!! So in-short both are not so awww-some… [Walang halong pintas ha. Nagsasabi lang ako ng totoo. But my foint here is not how Vincent and Chelo look physically.]



Poser account

Oftentimes I feel left out, most specially if everybody in the group is talking about the hottest social networking site “daw” *Pwe! Pwede ba!!! Madami akong ginagawa sa buhay ko para magkaroon ng panahon to facebook noh, tangina hindi ko na matapos tapos yong aking Manila trip 3 months ago pa, tapos mag facebook pa?* ‘Facebook’ (I have not created a facebook account! Tangina ang corny noh – everybody’s in facebook punyeta ultimo lola ko! It’s great for stalking too! Ahhhh been there doe that, footah believe me kahit hindi ako kasali sa mga social networking site na iyan – ka-istok-istok talaga ako bwahahaha! GL = Ganda Lang!)

Again somewhere errr someone out there may claim that it is my account chenalyn vargas ecklachuchu, but again I do not have an account with FB or other social networking sites! (Takot kasi ako sa tao, hahahah!) And I don’t plan to get one anytime soon!


And the saga continues…

Ano to behind the scenes?



Ang liit-liit ang kulit-kulit? Hehehe


Kayo na naman? Hoy give chance to others naman!


Walang kakupas-kupas…


They were the few wonderful bloggers that we meet while we was in Manila last May. (Sorry, ngayon lang na-upload lol. Busyness ang lola.)

There weren’t celebrity bloggers in our eyeball [We are celebrities in our own blogs bwahahah!!!] such Perez Hilton, BrianBoy, and Yuga ekkkk Yuga is a celebrity? Bwahaha, diva nga asa TV sya lage? And I heard hes always at bloggers events noh to kuha the freebies ng mga advertisers ‘daw’ – oh that one didn’t came out from my mouth ha pootah! Wala akong kinalaman jan hehehe… There is really nothing about that noh! *Footah, napa-chismacks pa tuloy ako dito lol.*

If not for Reyns social-climbing lessons hindi namin ma-meet itong wonderful bloggers na ito. Namely Malen, Agnes, Amor, and Noel.

The perpetrator!


Eto ang salarinnnnnnnnn!!!


*sings* Alin-alin, alin ang naiba, isipin kung alin ang Naiba!


Muntik na maging putol ang nick-name ko! Footah ang talas talaga! Parang labaha!

Happyness in the Philippines

Aside from some disappointments during my Pinas trip, there were happy moments too! (Paunawa lang po: Di po ako tatakbong Prisidinti sa 2010 elections for baranGHEY chairman noh! At lalong hindi ako PedoPILYA hehehe.) Thanks to Pusa author of I Heart Manila for accompanying me last June 7 during my half-day Manila City tour ang huling El Bimbo! [Pictures of Manila and my Pinas trip will be posted in WalkWithYoung.Com in a later time, jetlaggers pa po ang lola.]

While I was in Pinas, very observant po kasi ang lola nyo di nyo na itatanong hehehe. I noticed that most of the people there are happy and contended in what they have, in comparison with people here in the States… *Trulili, Eklavu at Ecklabert!*



Iba ang happyness sa Pinas comparaed dito sa Jameirika!

Go home? Or Go!Go!Go?

Quote for the day: Kahit hindi ka masyadong kagandahan, hindi ka madaling iwanan! LOL…

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