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I have alot of self-esteem, which is amazing. Cause I am probably somebody who wouldn't necessarily have alot of self-esteem... As I am considered a Minority.

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If you are a woman, a person of color, gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans-gender, a person of size, a person of intelligence, a person of integrity... Then you are considered a Minority in this world.

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I will be leaving on Jun 8, and for the last time – I will be meeting long time friends at my favorite hangout place! Parilya bar located at Bautista cor. Emilia Sts. off Buendia Ave. Makati City. (Palibhasa sponsore ko yan. Kaya kailangan i-blog bwahahah…)

Dito ba?


~~~Sings~~~ dito ba, dito ba, o dito ba. Ang dapat kong kalagyan. Na isang sulok kong hiram. Sa ilalim ng araw. [Nadala ako dun ah!] Paano ba naman no! Twing burpday ko na lang laging nakikisabay tong Earth day na ito!

The invitation was 7 o’clock ang mga footah nagdatingan ng 830 at gutom na gutom ang mga hinayupak! Ano ba, earth hour kami no! Mga footah dito pa ata balak makigamit ng gasera! At FYI FCOL hindi ito lobby! Hehehe…


Imvernang-imverna ang mga bisita namin, dahil hindi nila makita kung ano na ba ang kinakain nila lols… Dahil nga sa dilim no! Yong iba namang bisita kala serprise party ito kaya walang ilaw o pa-epek daw as in ambiance ekkkkkkkkkkkkkk ano ba!

Ang saya-sayang ng party ko noong Sabado! The best party ever, saya-saya parang lamay! (If not for the abuloys na nakuha ko, sows hindi ako maghahanda no!) Salamat sa $40, $25 at 191.85 hehehe as in may butal pa talaga! Ika nga share your blessings! O diva!!! Salamat sa umuulan na wine as in parang may sale [As n buy 1 get 3 lols.] ang yellow tail naulan ng wine dine, sa mga nagbigay ng cake speak and monay thanks sabi ko naman huwag na kayo magabala asos bukas ang aking palad sa mga cashita at checkitas! Hehehe…


Tiësto: No to glow sticks?

A Tiësto party is the mark of excellence in the dance world, drawing more than 25,000 fans for a single night in Europe. But perhaps his biggest and greatest gig was the 2004 Athens Olympics opening ceremony.

I just hope that nobody tonight at Borgata (Atlantic City) got their glow sticks with them, Tiësto doesn’t like them! According to Tiësto – “It brings wrong vibes to the party.”

SURE! It’s so trashy noh! Dance/Electro scene needs to get cleaned up! I’ve been to Tiësto party before and and it’s soooo true! Glow sticks look horrible and trashy!

Am supposed to be at that Tiësto party happening tonight at Borgata, unfortunately I am working tomorrow and it seems nobody wants to switch schedules with me uhg, I know it sucks, right?!@$*&^#

Hectic Sunday!

Again it’s Sunday and it’s my only day off of the week. It was such a busy Sunday for me… [No, I did not spend the whole Sunday’s off to Luneta no.]

I woke up very early today as usual, walk the dog and eat breakfast (coffee and pancakes) – A very routinenary morning indeed…

By like 12 noon I started cleaning the bathroom and by around 1ish the living room/kitchen with my Atih and was finished by like 6ish. [I feel great whenever I have done something very productive lol] OC attacks over there…

Celebrity Sighting: Oprah, Gayle istatue? Are you guys looking for a house in our development?


What a peasant dinner!

Thanks to Ate!

For a start we had a sparkling wine [Peach Italian Spumante]

(Our patio)

how i spent my 4th of July weekend… (Not in Guantanamo!) Part 4


Sinabi nyo mga ka-Ovarrio naloka ako sa daming lalakeng andoon sa beach sa totoo lang! *Lagay ng 10 na medyas sa aking crotch area – BWAHAHAHA!!!* [ARAY!!!]


Really caught my attention as in… Yong naka pulang trunks po hindi yong nakaitim – tusukin ko pa ng harpoon yan eh hehehe… [Natomboy ako sa bekbek na ito pramis! Fogiiiiii as in… Macho pa!] Kahit na byaning ako, marunong ako mag appreciate ng BY as in Male Beauty no…

how i spent my 4th of July weekend… (Not in Guantanamo!) Part 3


Off to the beach, dutch is why were in rehoboth beach diba? Para maghanap ng hada at magpa-tan hehehe…


It’s soooo nakakaatat ha, boardwalk pa lang po iyan… [Cunt wait yong sa may buhanginan na… *Crossing fingers* Sana naman di mga baroookaaa tao dun!!!]

Happy 4th y’all

From bottom of my heart, your all time favorite all American ghel – diwatang_byaning! (Have fun! Just a ghey friendly reminder, don’t do drugs! DO DRAG!)

The economy’s still down, food prices are up and we’re still at war in Iraq? BUT it’s July 4th… SO HAVE FUN!


girl meets grill: last day of me being single…

Geez, this is not another episode of Chef Bobby Flay!


Hot off the grill – sausage kabobs – of course sausage (kaya nga sausage kabobs diba?, peppers (yellow, green and orange – kulang na lang blue at pink buo na ang bioman hahaha), muchrooms (3 lang tinipid ko, ang mahal nyan no, parang ginto – imagine for 6 pcs nitong portobello it’s whooping $5 ANO DAW?), at shempre onions alot of onins. – Anong sinabi ng tinda ni Mohamad jan sa kanto? WALA!


Peace, Happiness And Prosperity! Is all I am wishing for myself and my family this Passover.

What I did earlier today is…. Took my break from work went for a little bit in the synagogue and after that went to the grocery and bought cream cheese and matza, boxes of Matzo, whole wheat matzo and pork! (The pork – I hope it is kosher lol.) Of course I do those things while working (Para bayad pa din no?)

I got home pretty much early than I have expected, what I did is throw some meat on the grill and start BBQ-ing… Well, I wanted to eat real food and I can only do that during weekends so I just grab that opportunity as always.

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